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    With an idea to build an Open Source Multi-Dimensional Web 2.0 framework, we have developed OpenWeb2.0
    With the development in today's WWW, it became necessary to deliver large amounts of data to customers at the fraction of seconds.
    We felt why not make this fraction of seconds a memorable experience and the result is OpenWeb2.0
    With AJAX, and beautification by CSS, we met our target.
    Wheather you are a blogger, or want a CMS for your company, or just want to own a piece of the WWW, OpenWeb2.0 will serve you at every point.
    With open source technologies available so easily, it became really easy for us fill the gaps.
    We thank the developers of:
  • PHP

  • MySql

  • JQuery

  • And those who developed the extensions used in this project
  • Status of Availability
    Launch on Thursday 27th November, 2008. Mark your calanders!